Use your test results wisely  

"Will you join me in the course room?"

If your doctor prescribes a medicine, you take it, don't you? So naturally you should make sure you use your test results as a "doctor's prescription".


The "prescription" course is a wonderful tool for improving your English!


  Here's how Sunny's "prescription" works

Sunny goes to high school and gets quite good grades, but she is not happy with the way her English is progressing. She knows her grammar is good, which she thinks is a typical result of the teaching she has had since she first started learning English. But she realizes that she has a poor vocabulary, she is embarrassed about her pronunciation, and she dare not speak in front of the class.

Sunny's vocabulary

Sunny works on her vocabulary. The course room has a great guide to acquiring vocabulary and a special tool, which allows her to save words to her own individual glossary (list of words). She saves 25-50 words each week - AND - she can test herself on those words whenever she wants to. In six weeks she has saved 210 words and she scores about 80% when she tests herself.

Sunny's speaking skills

Sunny works on her speaking skills in four ways.

  1. She uses the guide on speaking
  2. She does exercises on pronunciation
  3. She does speech exercises
  4. She communicates with other young learners through the course room's communication centre.

The experience Sunny has from all this has encouraged her to plan taking speech and rhetoric courses.

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