Listening test results

Your score is an indication of your level of listening comprehension. Please note that listening comprehension tests are some of the least reliable of all kinds of language tests. The reason? So much depends on your concentration.

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6 - 10 correct answers  

ForumEducation Level 1

"Catches isolated words in slow and clear speech."

  International levels:

  intermediate (-)


9- 24 correct answers  

ForumEducation Levels 2 - 4

"Understands much of everyday English, when people speak slowly and clearly. Also understands much of adapted radio newscasts, type VOA Special English." (FE level 3)

  International levels:

  intermediate (-)
  intermediate (+)

22 - 32 correct answers  

ForumEducation Levels 5 - 7

"Understands everyday English with ease and most of normal radio and TV newscasts." (FE level 6)

  International levels:

  Intermediate (+)
  advanced (+)

32 with ease  (Take a more difficult test)

ForumEducation Levels 8-9

"Almost like a native user. May have problems with certain accents and specific culture-related topics." (FE level 8)

  International levels:

  advanced (+)
  advanced (++)

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